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  • Art Lights

    Wall mounted linear sconce down lights Used to illuminate art pieces individually or in grouped compositions; light up cabinetry; create ambient illumination of space by reflecting light off of walls or art. Spec as an architectural fixture or as an accent - full spec control. Read More
  • Chandeliers

    Ceiling mounted sculptures in rectangular or circular shapes. With diffused or direct light or sparkly exposed bulbs - most of these fixtures are made for customization. Read More
  • LED Swing Arms

    Wall or cabinetry mounted task lights for reading with LED illumination. Perfect beside a bed or sofa or above a work surface. Read More
  • Linear Pendants

    Illuminate space with either direct or diffuse light from fixtures that descend from the ceiling to create straight lines, "L" shapes or "Z" or Zig-Zag patterns. One single electrical feed location for fixtures of variable lengths. Read More
  • Linear Sconces

    Wall or cabinetry mounted linear lights - either Up lighting or Up+Down lighting. (Down lighting linear sconces we call Art Lights) Used to create ambient illumination of space - lighting up ceilings or ceilings and walls. Read More
  • Pendants

    Ceiling mounted fixtures with a drop (descending from the ceiling) with either diffuse or direct light. Specify according to the necessary light function. These fixtures have a single or mono-point electrical feed location. Read More
  • Sconces

    Wall or cabinetry mounted fixtures with either direct or diffused light. Multiple purpose fixture line to brighten any space. Read More
  • Track Elements

    Our extrusions provide sleek 'wire-ways' for a 'track like' look. We don't make a true track system. The advantage of ours: clean looking installation and more elegant finishes than typical track systems. Luminaries are stationary along the track element length. Read More
  • Vanity Lights

    Lavatory lighting requires diffuse light to avoid harsh shadows and glare. These fixtures allow minimum glare with maximum light and style. Customized to fit the environment perfectly. Read More
  • Wall Washers

    Ceiling mounted linear pendant down lights Used for the same purposes as Art Lights, but mounted from above. Spec as architectural elements that 'disappear' and align with walls or spec as "art lights" according to art displays. Read More

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