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About Vitrium Tile, Inc.

Vitrium glass is pleased to unveil “REED” pattern of architectural glass tiles in four outstanding and vibrant colors-- Spring REED, Summer Lake REED, Autumn REED and Winter REED. The REED pattern will be available for sale beginning February 1, 2006 in 2 x 2, 3 x 6, 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8 and 12 x 12 sizes: RE-2 Summer Blue RE-3 Autumn Gold RE-4 Winter Silver RE-5 Spring Green Vitrium architectural glass tiles are hand made. Subtle variations in color, tone and shade produces a unique tile for even the most sophisticated buyer. The unsurpassed clarity of our glass allows the hand painted colors to produce a unique three-dimensional look, which will enhance the final beauty of any installation. The REED pattern will be terrific addition to our existing New Hope, Oceana and Kente tiles. Independent Designs Vitrium architectural glass tiles are impervious to water and staining, which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor use and ideal for field applications. Hand made from pure glass, glass tiles have superior clarity and depth of texture to create a complex, multi-colored appearance. More than 25 elegant, iridescent color choices are available in the New Hope product line. A sampling of choices include single colors like Cinnabar, Cobalt Blue, Summer Sand and Plum as well as color combinations like Cobalt Multi, Ice Blue Multi, River Sand Multi, Verde Multi and Bronze Multi. The Oceana and Kente tile collections feature an additional 25 vibrant color choices in a wide variety of sizes adding breadth and distinction to the entire Vitrium product offering. Creative Combinations Glass tiles can also add an extra touch of elegance and luxury when accented with other types of materials. Glass liner bars and accents in varying geometrical shapes and brilliant colors add life to any installation. “Many times, the kitchen and bathroom setting have multiple neutral elements,” said McKenna. “Industry professionals are increasingly introducing glass tile accents into backsplash, shower and wall designs to break up the monotony.” Combining glass tile with rich materials and textures such as stones or metals intensify visual interaction in the bathroom or kitchen. Distinctive metallic and shimmering effects of glass tiles team-up with surrounding neutral materials and textures, adding energy to a room. One Size Doesn’t Fit All Giving designers and homeowners greater versatility, Vitrium can custom match many glass tile sizes, shapes or colors. By providing a selected fabric, wallpaper or rug sample, Vitrium will produce matching tile samples for architects and designers. The New Hope tiles are available in standard industry sizes and can be custom designed up to an 18 x 24-inch size. Circles, triangles, elongated shapes and curves only begin to describe a few of the custom shapes that can be produced by Vitrium. “Professional architects and designers overwhelmingly agree that few products match the clearness, depth of texture and quality of the New Hope tile,” said McKenna. About Vitrium Corporation Headquartered in Plumsteadville, Pa., Vitrium Corp. was founded by John Crossley who has more than 30 years experience in the melting and coloring of glass. One of the leading manufacturers of premium glass tiles, Vitrium invented a process to create the first deeply colored “clear glass” tile with a distinctive, three-dimensional appearance. The Vitrium Corporation glass tile line has superior clearness, and depth of texture and a complex, multi-colored effect not commonly found in the marketplaces. Located in a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, the company is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality glass tile product with a unique look and durable beauty.