B-K Lighting introduces dynamically controlled, color tunable, solid state in-grade and floodlight luminaires

Press Release from BK Lighting Inc.

Two new, industry-first fixtures with a dynamically controlled, close tolerance, color tuning module that replicates a continuous wide spectrum of natural light.

Wireless, hand-held light commissioning tool enables individual on/off, dimming, CCT, saturation and hue control.

Continuous CCT modulation from 2700K through 6000K with 100% - 5% dimming range.

Industry-leading performance yields absolute color point uniformity. Full saturation and hue control for full range color ouput.

Copy/paste function allows settings to be transferred between fixtures using the wireless remote.

Interchangeable OPTIKITTM modules permit field changes to optical distribution.

For use with [1] 700mA, Class A, constant current driver. 120-277VAC (nominal) primary input voltage.

HP2 SeriesTM for direct burial in soil or concrete with a 7" diameter.
The patented 360HDTM Mounting System with ‘Aim-and-Lock' technology, allowing vertical  to horizontal and rotational aiming while ensuring the fixture will maintain its aiming position, is standard on the K2TM Floodlight.

Interchangeable OptikitTM modules and components allow upgrades, maintenance and field issues to be easily addressed in the installed environment. Replacements and system upgrades keep technology current.

Take a moment to discover the new
Precision 2® In-Grade and K2TM Floodlight with Color Tuning BKSSL Technology at our website located at www.bklighting.com . 

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