Innovative Slim Surroundlite Pendant Recognized by IES Progres Committee as One of the Leading Lighting Developments in 2014

Press Release from Axis Lighting Inc.

Montreal, Canada – Axis Lighting is pleased to announce that the Slim SurroundLite pendant, introduced last spring and featuring innovative lighting technology, has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 Progress Report of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Axis is an important source for architectural lighting across North America and around the globe.

The IES Progress Report is an annual review recognizing noteworthy developments in the art and science of lighting. The completed Report will be presented at the IES Annual Conference, to be held November 3, 2014, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition, a summary of the Report will be published in the January 2015 issue of LD+A.

The Semi-Indirect pendant version shown here features many advances, including the first regressed uniformly diffuse lightguide.

Slim pendants with SurroundLite technology feature a three-dimensional batwing uplight distribution that produces very uniformly diffuse light, resembling natural light. The resulting balanced brightness facilitates lighting design and enhances architectural elements, as wide planes of light sweep the space in all directions… on the ceiling, in corners and where walls join the ceiling.

SurroundLite is much like Surround Sound. While the latter creates a richer audio experience with additional speakers that surround the listener, the former creates a richer visual experience with additional light distribution that opens a space and pleases the eye. In fact, SurroundLite is based on the fundamental physics of how light interacts with matter.

Exclusive lighting benefits of Slim SurroundLite include reduced cave effect (dark areas near the ceiling), increased perceived brightness, improved facial modeling, glare mitigation on the light emitting area and absence of streaks and hot spots of light.

Applications include retail aisles, with down distribution providing excellent vertical light on merchandise, as well as open-plan offices and libraries, where rows can be spaced up to 15 feet on center for optimal power densities. Indeed, with performances reaching 105 lumens per watt (at 3500K), fewer luminaires are required in a given space without compromising uniformity.

The Slim SurroundLite pendant comes in a range of distributions (Direct, Indirect, Semi Direct, Semi Indirect), with a variety of shielding options (VL Optic, for optimal efficiency and visual comfort, Flat-Blade Louvers, Smooth Lens and Regressed). Upcoming versions of Slim SurroundLite include a dual-control Direct-Indirect pendant and Wall-mount luminaires.

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