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  • Convex

    Convex Glass was produced and developed with the renowned architectural firms of Janson/Goldstein and Front Inc, in NYC. "Convex Glass" is the first real 3D Glass, produced in Geometric type patterns. Both surfaces are shaped so that dimensional viewing can take place from either side of the glass. Read More
  • Crackle

    When French luxury jeweler Mauboussin approached the Rockwell Group to design its new store, the prestigious design firm knew it had to find a superior glass studio, one with a reputation for developing unique design solutions and with a flair for artistry. After all, Mauboussin was no ordinary... Read More
  • Crystal

    As backlighting strikes the glass, each Crystal bead illuminates with a life of its own. Fused to the surface and finished in any custom color, the crystals create a unique and stunning light fixture while diffusing any hot spots. Read More
  • Duotone

    Mix two colors and savor how they mingle. Our deep textures allow color finishes to coat the depths on either side of the grooves. They blend in the middle, creating a vibrant combination of Duotones. Read More
  • Freeform

    Sculpted yet textureless, Freeform patterns allow for large amounts of light transmission while still providing privacy. Freeform's appeal can be appreciated from both sides, making it ideal for partition screens. Read More
  • Fusion

    Fusion Glass incorporates iridescent color features of Dichroic Glass with Clear or Low Iron options. Fissures and air bubbles also become integral components of the finished glass pieces, and make the final appearance even more spectacular. Read More
  • Gemstone Color Finish

    Pearlescent frosting dusts the colors of Gemstone, giving the glass textures another depth of intensity. Translucent or opaque, the Gemstone colors give allow light to transfer or provide privacy where needed. Read More
  • Heavy

    An unparalleled feature of Heavy Glass is the seamless continuation of the bottom and side surface textures. Most textures are suitable for both bottom and side surfaces. Read More
  • Sphere

    Defy atmospheric pressure! Raise a glass to orbs that elude gravity. Dynamic shapes are attached to one side of clear or textured sheets of glass, adding a new definition of "pop". Read More
  • Stax

    Named after the way each piece is stacked then fused together, Stax Series offers another ingenious way to create exterior feature walls over very large surfaces. The three patterns currently available are: Beamz (straight planks), Breez (gentle rises), and Flex (twisting fluidity). Layers of... Read More
  • Treads

    The walking surface of glass treads must be durable and easy to clean. Nathan Allan developed "Glass Sandpaper", a unique feature that provides extra grip for shoe treads. Glass particles are fused onto the walking surface, to create a permanent bond. Tested in laboratories for co-efficient... Read More

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