NEW! Titan Adjustable Tower Mount is the Ultimate Under Desk PC Mounting Choice

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Do you have a custom gaming computer or large form factor desktop PC?

If so, finding a suitable mounting bracket can be tough. With one, you're left to put your tower on the floor, or on your desk. The floor makes for more dust buildup and leave you prone to spills. On the desk, of course, means you're missing out on valuable working real estate.

After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your custom build, it’s important to make sure it’s safe from spills, drops, and dust buildup. By mounting a computer to the wall or under the desk, you achieve those three goals. Plus, you’ll free up desk (or floor) space by mounting up.

The Titan Adjustable Tower Mount is designed specifically for gaming PC’s. It’s adjustable in both directions and built to carry virtually any gaming PC case on the market.

Not only is the Titan build to be as strong as possible, it’s also minimally invasive. When mounted, only a few inches of the bracket will show, and your custom build can be displayed for all to see.

For those who prefer a wall-mounted computer application, the Adjustable PC Wall Mount 974 is perfect for the job.

All of our computer and console mounts are rigorously engineered, tested, and made in America to iso-certified quality standards. With an Oeveo mount, you’ll have ultimate peace of mind that your machine is in good hands.

Product Description

Meet the Titan Adjustable Tower Mount: your search for the perfect large form factor under desk mount is officially over.

The Titan is adjustable in both directions, vertically and horizontally. It holds computer towers vertically under your desk, and works great with sit/stand desks.

This one-size-fits-all under desk mount was designed to hold virtually any large form factor PC or gaming rig, including all of the top pc cases. It adjusts to hold cases up to a 9" width, 19" length, and 16" depth. It's cold rolled steel construction and smart design allow for a 50lb carrying capacity, giving you peace of mind that your computer will be held solidly in place.

Mounting your gaming computer or large form factor pc under your desk not only clears up desk space, but also protects your machine from spills. Under-desk mounting also lends itself well to easy cable management solutions. This will allow you to transform your cluttered workspace (or battlestation) into a clean, efficient, and peaceful place to get things done.


Part Number: TATM-298

Height: 11"-20.5" / 520.7mm

Width: 9.27" / 235.46mm

Depth: 2.12" / 53.85mm

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Material: 14 & 16 Ga Cold Rolled Steel

Color: Black Powder Coat

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