EARTHWERKS® Launches New Website

Press Release from EarthWerks

Houston, TX, May 12, 2014:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Earthwerks website on May 12, 2014. We will use the same URL: The new site will continue to increase Earthwerks’ visibility and provide instant access to information not available in earlier versions.

New General Changes and Additions

  • Cleaner, more modern page design
  • Vibrant color scheme catches attention
  • Navigational “Quick Links” bar is static, allowing the dealer or consumer easy access to other important sections about Earthwerks from anywhere on the website
  • New search bar located on every page for ease of use and quick reference
  • Added “News” section to keep visitors up-to-date on EW events
  • Added “Accessories” section. Earthwerks adhesive and cleaner information is now available on the website with specs
  • Added “Brochures” section. All current brochures are now available for download on the website
  • Added “Installation” section. All Earthwerks Installation Instructions and other useful info located on one page. As it has always been, Installation Instructions also remain available on each product page

Home Page

  • Eye-catching slide show with room scenes of popular Earthwerks products
  • Customer comments and praise
  • Easy access to download the Earthwerks app for both iPhone and Android operating systems
  • Link to the Earthwerks Twitter account


  • Easier navigation through product pages
  • Better showcasing of products with room scenes of different styles and colors
  • Bigger, higher quality images of swatches make it easy to compare colors between lines

This new website is important to help us continue to build the Earthwerks ®  brand. Additional updates are on the horizon, including links to: Floor Score information, Photo Gallery, a new version of the International sites and a Room Visualizer.

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