Red Carpet Ride and Shine Express Wash Designed with LED Pixel Control Lighting from

Press Release from Environmental Lights, a leading online retailer for high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting systems, recently teamed up with Pickett & Sons Construction, Inc. to complete a custom LED display for the Red Carpet Ride and Shine Express Wash in Fresno, CA.  Along with the task of constructing a new building, Pickett & Sons had the added challenge of needing an exciting exterior design to catch the attention of prospective customers driving past the car wash.

"We wanted to create a design that reminded customers of moving water flowing down the side of the building, " said Mike Fillebrown, Project Lead at Pickett & Sons Construction, Inc. "We have worked with LED lighting before, but were unsure of a product that would allow us to create a fluid chase effect. recommended pixel control lighting to us and we were able to create all the effects we needed and more!"

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Pixel control lighting combines the ability to produce millions of colors, with the technology needed to achieve individual pixel control. carries a family of individually addressable pixel lighting – PixelPro – which gives customers a wide range of LED module shapes and sizes for building custom LED digital displays.

"We developed this product line in response to requests from customers for easy-to-use intelligent RGB LED lighting," said Alicia Cheng, Director of Product Development. "Each RGB module can be individually controlled at the same time, which allows for complete creative freedom and animation when paired with any DMX controller or light board control system."

Fluid Chase Design

Pickett & Sons chose to install 21 reels of waterproof PixelPro LED strip lighting, so they could create long runs of chasing light extending the entire length of the car wash.

"As you can see in the video, we wanted to randomize the effects so they weren't stagnant," explained Fillebrown. "Sometimes the lights chase colors and other times we set it to solid color change modes. By setting up the programs with our DMX 512 controller we are able to create the eye-catching effects that we were looking for."

By pairing the PixelPro strip light with DMX pixel decoders from, Picket & Sons were able to control the lights using their DMX controller and program the animations needed for the lighting design. This is the beauty of pixel control. also provided the power supplies and connecting cables needed for the installation – offering a turnkey solution for one-stop shopping for LED lighting systems.

RGB PixelPro LED Lighting

Not only is RGB PixelPro available in LED strip light, but also offers 6 additional LED modules for unique lighting design and LED pixel displays: square, bullet, circular, rectangular, dome or mini dome.

This is a fantastic product for creating animated effects in studios, stage lighting, architectural features, or any other decorative purposes — an easy solution for any project that requires an individually addressable LED control system!

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About Picket & Sons Construction, Inc.

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