EnvironmentalLights.com Adds New Line of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Press Release from Environmental Lights

EnvironmentalLights.com, a leading online resource for high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting systems, recently added a premium line of modular LED under cabinet lighting to their growing line of LED under cabinet lighting systems. The Environmental Lights Modular Premium LED under cabinet lighting line features three interchangeable lighting options: Ultra Thin LED light bars, Angled LED light bars and surface mount LED puck lights.

"This new plug-and-play system makes it easy for anyone to create sleek and professional quality LED lighting projects in their home or business, without hiring a professional electrician," said Lauren Rueda, Product Engineer. "We provide all the compatible connectors, dimmers and power supplies you need, plus we have created a detailed product installation document that shows you exactly how to build a system to fit your space."

All Modular light products include built in diffusers to evenly distribute the light and eliminate hotspots, which is optimal when installing lights above reflective surfaces such as granite. Both the Ultra Thin and Angled LED Under Cabinet Modular light bars have built in switches, for easy individual on/off control, and come in three lengths: 12, 20, and 40 inch.

This UL-listed LED under cabinet line is perfect for smooth dimming and elegant diffused lighting, all in a thin package that fits in tight spaces just about anywhere you might need light. The lighting is available in two hues of white, soft (3,000°K) and neutral (4,000°K). Soft white bars create approximately 190 lumens per foot and the neutral white ones create 200 lumens per foot.

"We recommend soft white lighting for residential use and neutral white for businesses," said Alicia Cheng, Director of Product Development. "Color temperature plays an important role in creating ambiance for a space. Warm light (2,700-3,000°K) promotes relaxation, whereas cool light (4,000-6,500°K) promotes energy and focus."

Ultra Thin & Angled LED Light Bars

Ultra Thin LED light bars will hide behind the lip of almost any cabinet facing because they're only 0.3 inches thick, including the mounting clip. These products are much thinner than conventional under cabinet lighting and will fit places no fluorescent or xenon can. LEDs also run much cooler than xenon or halogen so you don't have to worry about heat.

Dimming under cabinet lighting is easy and inexpensive with the compatible modular dimmers designed specifically for the Modular LED under cabinet lighting system. Or, you can select a 48, 96 or 288 watt 24 Volt DC Dimming Power Supply for a fully scalable solution that can be used to customize larger installations in retail stores, museums, grocery stores and other locations.

"The line includes two options for dimming and controlling bar and puck lights," explained Cheng. "We also offer a master switch that can control all Ultra Thin LED light bars all at the same time, which provides the convenience to turn multiple bars in series on and off together."

The Angled Modular Under Cabinet Bars are perfect for 90 degree corner installations and provide perfect lighting at an angle. All lighting components are UL listed in U.S. and Canada.

LED Puck Lights

Modular Surface Mount LED puck lights are 3.5 inches wide and only 0.3 inches thick, so they are a great option for creating light in a tight space like in a cabinet corner. They are very energy efficient, consuming only 3 watts per puck, and they have integrated milky diffused cover plates to provide uniform light and eliminate hot spots.

"The LED optics disperse the beam at 90 degrees," said Rueda. "This makes them perfect for brightening up functional work areas, kitchen counters, closets, display cabinets, anywhere extra light is needed!"

Modular LED Connectors & Splitters

The Environmental Lights Modular LED under cabinet lighting system includes easy-to-use accessories such as connectors, cable extensions, splitters, in line dimmers, and touch dimmers. These interchangeable components make it easy to install and provide great design flexibility to the system.

Connector cables can be used to link bars in various different orientations for additional light output. The limit on one branch is 20 feet. Splitters can be used to link multiple branches to a single power source. Due to their female input, a male-to-male cord must be used to connect each puck light or bar to the 4 or 8-way splitter.

"We also offer a DC Junction Connector that allows you to customize the wiring of your installation," explained Cheng. "Simply trim the input wires to the required length, then plug the DC Junction Connector into your Ultra Thin light bar for seamless wiring."

Environmental Lights provides a detailed buying guide on their website for the Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting system. For technical and design specifications contact a Sales Engineer at 877-721-1453 or email [email protected].

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