Press Release from The Mitchell Group

For Immediate Release March 12, 2015

The Mitchell Group Introduces NuLeather™
New High-Performance Faux Leather Fabric
Environmentally Responsible Fabric Positioned for All Markets

CHICAGO – The Mitchell Group is launching NuLeather™, the newest offering in its high-performance faux leather collection. With a luxurious texture and feel, and the ability to withstand demanding applications, the product will be marketed to hospitality, healthcare, contract and residential groups, Bill Fisch, president, announced.

NuLeather is engineered with the highest quality polycarbonate resins that provide the required strength and durability for the most demanding environments. The fabric's formulation offers outstanding hydrolysis resistance, and its rayon-polyester backing provides unsurpassed strength. NuLeather is antibacterial and mildew resistant, with an exceptional stain resistance and cleanability, due to Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first and leading dry erase formula.

"Our newest faux leather collection will set new standards for aesthetics, performance, convenience and luxury," said Fisch. "Nothing comes closer to real leather, than NuLeather, given its pliant drape and soft hand."

Moreover, NuLeather is environmentally responsible. The fabric is VOC free and contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals or stabilizers. In addition, there are no chemical flame-retardants, or toxic by-products. NuLeather is RoHS and REACH compliant, and virtually all chemicals are recycled by the mill.

Designed to last the life of the furniture, NuLeather tailors easily and cleans effortlessly. The fabric's initial offering comes in two patterns: NuAnce, a solid pattern in 43 colors, and NuTron, a metallic pattern in 14 colors. "NuLeather is beautiful enough for hospitality, contract and residential settings, and tough enough for the most demanding healthcare applications," Fisch said.

About The Mitchell Group
Co-founded by Bill Fisch and Ann Brunett, the Niles, IL.-based company is a premier textile source and converter for furniture manufacturers, retailers, hospitality, contract, and healthcare markets. Strategic distribution has placed Mitchell products in a variety of commercial spaces including hotels, casinos, restaurants, offices, and healthcare facilities. The Mitchell Group's brands include Sta-Kleen®, the industry's first dry-erase urethane upholstery, ReCast, Mitchell Collection, and Grand Slam.


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