The Mitchell Group Introduces Improved ReCast® Polyurethane Collection

Press Release from The Mitchell Group

May 30, 2014

The Mitchell Group Introduces New and Improved ReCast® Polyurethane Collection, Now with Polycarbonate Polymers that Contains Strongest Resins Available for Coated Fabrics -- The look and feel of leather, minus the high cost –


The Mitchell Group is unveiling a new and improved ReCast polyurethane collection formulated with polycarbonate polymers that contains the strongest resins available for coated fabrics, Bill Fisch, president, announced. 

Mitchell markets ReCast that is designed for contract, hospitality and residential applications. ReCast is a technically advanced recycled leather product that exceeds 100,000 double rubs for abrasion. It is a top-grade, highly durable polycarbonate product that opens a multitude of design possibilities in any decor where a real leather look is desired, but is priced much less.

The new ReCast p olyurethane c ollection  outperforms industry standards for commercial polyurethane fabrics in tensile, tear, and seam strength. Additionally, the product passes industry flammability tests, as well as provides unsurpassed impact and scratch resistance.  In fact, ReCast’s substrate backing of recycled leather and polyester significantly improves physical characteristics. Moreover, repurposing recycled leather is considered an environment-friendly policy, since  it reduces the amount of leather scrap sent to the waste stream.

ReCast has the grain, luster and hand-rubbed tones of traditional leather, and has a soft, supple hand that feels like genuine leather, but is priced significantly  less.   The Mitchell Group’s ReCast Polyurethane C ollection  is available in more than 35 patterns and in a wide variety of colors including traditional earth tones, pastels and metallics. 

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